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Elemeno P _default_
Elemeno P fans
29th-Sep-2011 07:59 pm
Justyn is back from New York and the WHOLE ORIGINAL BAND will be playing TOMORROW at Queen's Wharf! For free!

This from the Facebook event page:

"The ELEMENO P Family is back together again and what a better way to celebrate by playing a show.

Yes its the original line up and Yes we're going to tickle your musical taste buds.

Godfrey is gonna play you like a trumpet and Justyn is gonna melt your face off with a few guitar solos. Come get the party started with us before the game.

See you there or be a square or any other geometric shape you might like to be."

Event starts at 6pm. Not sure what time they'll be on, initially Dave said 7.15, then after 6.30. Which I guess could mean the same thing. Also, "whole original band" includes Godfrey! As is right and proper.

I don't finish wurk until 7.30. I knew I should have got this weekend off. I'll toddle along afterwards anyway, see what's going on.
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