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e_l_e_m_e_n_o_p's Journal

Elemeno P fans
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Elemeno P

A community for all the Elemeno P fans out there. You can post photos from gigs, your fanart, just shout out --- whatever! Come join in the fun.

Credit *col* or colly_wobbles_ if you use

Official website
Bebo 1 (band profile)
Bebo 2

Extra credit
Buy some tshirts - Closet.co.nz
Kingston - Myspace, Bebo 1, Bebo 2
Foamy Ed - Myspace
Maia Rata (lead singer of Rata & Sons) - Myspace

Community created 07/08/06 by colly_wobbles_

Maintained by inner_starfish since 29/10/09
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