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29th-Sep-2011 07:59 pm - JUSTYN'S BACK AND THERE IS A CONCERT!
Justyn is back from New York and the WHOLE ORIGINAL BAND will be playing TOMORROW at Queen's Wharf! For free!

This from the Facebook event page:

"The ELEMENO P Family is back together again and what a better way to celebrate by playing a show.

Yes its the original line up and Yes we're going to tickle your musical taste buds.

Godfrey is gonna play you like a trumpet and Justyn is gonna melt your face off with a few guitar solos. Come get the party started with us before the game.

See you there or be a square or any other geometric shape you might like to be."

Event starts at 6pm. Not sure what time they'll be on, initially Dave said 7.15, then after 6.30. Which I guess could mean the same thing. Also, "whole original band" includes Godfrey! As is right and proper.

I don't finish wurk until 7.30. I knew I should have got this weekend off. I'll toddle along afterwards anyway, see what's going on.
28th-Apr-2011 07:15 pm - Tonight on Four!
Tonight (Thursday), 10.30 on Four, Dave presents The Smirnoff Night Project.

The backstory: Four and Smirnoff asked for submissions of ideas for a great time, picked the best ones, and made them happen.

The first episode: "The series begins with the screening of the greatest shark movie ever, but this is no ordinary trip to the cinema, audiences will be watching the movie whilst floating in the sea!"

Watching Jaws floating on lilos with your legs dangling in the sea? Sounds like fun to me.

I won't be able to see it, so anyone who does watch, please feel free to leave reviews/thoughts in the comments!
9th-Feb-2011 01:20 am - Elemeno P at Parachute
Video, taken from the crowd, of Elemeno P performing at Parachute. Thanks, Anonymous Commenter!

Video also contains Stan Walker and Brian Welch. The first four minutes of the vid is Elemeno P, and contains bits and pieces from Beverly Laurel, 11:57, and Verona.

Elemeno P not Christian enough for Parachute?
Published: 6:14PM Wednesday January 26, 2011 Source: ONE News

There is a debate brewing over the line-up for this weekend's Parachute, a Christian music festival.

Kiwi rockers Elemeno P are one of the headline acts for this weekend's event, but concert-goers are not happy.

Debate has been slowly building up on Facebook with some fans saying Elemeno P should not play at the festival if they are not Christian.

Some Facebook users said they have seen the band swearing on stage, and one person said the band's guitarist has a strap with a picture of a devil on it.

So online debate led fans to query the band's religious affiliations.

Lead singer Dave Gibson said he "loosely affiliates" himself with the Christian movement.

And he said some Christians may not be happy with how liberal he is.

But Elemeno P is known to be one of the "cleanest" performers compared to musicians around the world.

None of their lyrics have swear words, and in their music videos and during performances all band members are fully clothed.

"It's not up there with Marilyn Manson that's for sure," Gibson said.

"When Christians put Christian bands up on these pedestals I think some of those people find it hard to live up to expectations."

Parachute said they will stick with the plan for Elemeno P to take the stage this weekend.

Parachute runs from January 28-31 in Hamilton.

Article text from tvnz.co.nz

Video here.

This seems to me to be a big fuss over nothing. The Parachute organisers presumably were familiar with Elemeno P when they booked them, and must have had reasons for booking them.

No, their songs are not particularly Christian. But nor are they particularly un-Christian. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything offensive in their material.

I myself have ambitions in the music industry, and I have to admit that I have wondered if I, as an atheist, would feel comfortable performing at Parachute if asked. But I can't help thinking that this boils down to a simple business transaction. The band has been booked to play a show, nothing more or less, not to adhere to religious standards. While I accept it is reasonable that at a Christian music festival certain standards of behaviour are expected, religious affiliations and beliefs should not figure in business transactions.

Any thoughts?
Elemeno P performs their version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas tomorrow morning on Breakfast (ch 1)! Also performing will be the Jordan Luck band and Opshop, among others.

Schedule of performances:
6:40 - Gateway Choir
7:20 - ElemenoP
7:40 - Danielle Rana
7:55 - Peter Urlich
8:10 - Adeaze
8:20 - Opshop
8:50 - Monique Rhodes and Jordan Luck band

schedule from tvnz website

If you're in the area and feel like getting up early and going to watch it live, the show will take place in the forecourt at TVNZ (Hobson Street) from 6.30am.

The song is from the album So This Is Christmas, a compilation of Christmas songs by NZ musicians.

Proceeds from sales of the album go to Shine* (Safer Homes in New Zealand Everyday), helping keep people safe from domestic abuse.

Buy the album from Farmers before 24 December and enter your details online to go in the draw to win a jam session or drum lesson with Scotty! Or one of five signed albums.
23rd-Feb-2010 01:54 am - Sounds in the Sun
Elemeno P is playing at Sounds In The Sun for Unitec orientation this Thursday (25th Feb).

The show is free and will be on at the Unitec lower rugby fields at the Mt Albert Campus from 12pm to 8.30pm. The P should be on around 4-5pm.

Also playing: Katchafire, Tahuna Breaks, Ladi 6, Sunshine Sound System, P Digsss, Dane Rumble, Ivy Lies, and Karn Hall.
There will be an R18 area but I think the concert as a whole will be all ages.

In reply to the comment on the last post: I'll do my best to get some video of the concerts. :-)
13th-Feb-2010 01:28 am - WOO CONCERT WOO
Saturday 27 February Elemeno P will be playing at Te Pai Park in Henderson, West Auckland, for Summerslamz 2010. The event goes from 11am to 5pm. It's free!

Also playing will be the Earlybirds (fresh from touring with The Feelers and Jordan Luck), Smashproof, and These Four Walls, along with a skate/BMX competition. Summerslamz will also feature the ZEAL stage. This is a stage dedicated to young local acts, featuring Bandicoot, Strange Beast, Edge of Fury, Lion Eyes, Lemon Pie, and Blue Room Experiement. Afterparty will be at Zeal (Alderman Drive, Henderson, not far from the park).


Info from Waitakere City Council website and eventfinder.co.nz (eventfinder page includes a map).

I AM SO THERE I haven't seen them live for over a year now. Chances are they'll be playing some new stuff too. Excellent.


Also don't forget, Closet.co.nz is still selling tshirts in aid of Haiti. Please go buy one.
30th-Jan-2010 03:43 am - News
Apologies for neglecting this comm lately.

Shirts for Haiti
So we all know that Dave runs Closet.co.nz selling tshirts, right?
Closet now has a range of Closet Heart Haiti shirts to raise money for the Haiti relief efforts. There are five designs available (well actually four but one comes in two colours). All the Haiti tshirts are only $19.95, making them the cheapest shirts Closet has in stock. ALL proceeds from sales will go to the Oxfam relief effort as the awesome people who design, make, print, and ship the shirts have donated their services for free for these shirts. Come on guys, it's for an excellent cause.


Concert in Kerikeri tonight
Elemeno P plays the Bay of Islands Arts Festival tonight with These Four Walls. Info from Eventfinder. Tickets $25+booking fee. I would have posted about this sooner but I only just found out.


New material
This from Elemeno P's Facebook status from December 24:
"We're working on some songs too, the first of which will be out in March. Choice."


ZM Live Lounge - EP (iTunes Exclusive)
An Anonymous pointed me to this - five songs recorded live on ZM the day after the third album was out. Take The High Road, Baby Come On, Better Days, Death and the Maiden, and Fast Times in Tahoe. $1.75 each or $4 for all five.
Unfortunately I don't think this is available in the US. Sorry.
1st-Dec-2009 02:00 am - Elemeno P with the Feelers
Elemeno P will join The Feelers for one show on their upcoming summer tour.


Elemeno P will be playing one show only on The Feelers' Blue Skies summer tour.

They'll be playing at the Lake Hawea Hotel on New Year's Eve, along with The Jordan Luck Band and up-and-comers The Earlybirds.

You can enter to win a double pass to any show on The Feelers' tour by emailing kiwihub@myspace.com and telling them the city where the tour starts off on the 18th of December (psst it's Hamilton).

Tour detailsCollapse )

This is one of the few times I regret living in Auckland. If there's any way you can get to that Hawea show DO IT. The Feelers put on a great show, Jordan Luck is a legend, and the Earlybirds are going places. And, of course, why would you ever pass up a chance to see Elemeno P?

EDIT: Link to buy tix for the NYE show from Eventfinder, or here's a link to Ticketmaster to buy tix to any of the shows on the tour.
See also info on The Rock website. *end of edit*

Source: Blog post on MySpace New Zealand profile


And now, a video, courtesy of our favourite anonymous commenter!

This is the P playing the Stratford High School ball earlier this year (SHS won a competition run by World Vision to have them play their school ball). The quality is not great but it's a good medley of songs. Especially good for those of us who have been deprived of seeing them live for far too long.

Thanks for your feedback in the comments to the last post, it's good to know I'm doing something right. :-)
First, a small piece of community news:

For some time now I've been the most active member of this community. I'm pleased to say I am now officially a moderater/maintainer of the comm. ^_^ Thanks colly_wobbles!
It means I have slightly more control over the community, but not much will change. Actually probably nothing will change except I'll fix the spelling errors in the userinfo and update a few things.

So, now that I'm a mod: what do you guys want out of this community? More of the same? Different and new? Let me know guys, I'm new at this.


Now, a small piece of Elemeno P-ish news:

Dave appeared on TV3's Target last Tuesday talking about music piracy. If you missed it, it can be viewed on the TV3 website here.

The segment on music piracy is the second story and begins after the car cleaning story. Dave appears twice, briefly.

(Click these links for more about Section 92a, mentioned in the Target story:
Creativefreedom.org.nz - Why the original legislation shouldn't happen
nbr.co.nz - Section 92A to be scrapped
Nzherald.co.nz - Back to the present: Section 92A returns)
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